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Nowadays different footwear is seen in usage like sports shoes, regular, party wears and regular shoes are few of the kinds. But many people use same kind of footwear at two or more different occasion. Similarly some people use sports use while they go for hiking. So why many other invest money in buying good hiking shoes? Reason is your normal shoes don’t support you perfectly whereas hiking boots keep your balance more perfectly at uneven paths and tracks. It has many other advantages as it protect from rough condition like cold weather, and they are water resistant. Your feet are also protected from rubbing with stones, sharply wooden branches and thorns.

These shoes are made up of very fine leather and usually more in price than other footwear. So people expectation rise with its performance and durability. But things cannot last more if they are improperly used. If you want them to support you longer then proper care is needed. Precaution and care is necessary while purchasing such footwear, wearing them, cleaning them out and storing at some place.

At the time of purchasing your hiking boots check its fitness with socks. Also have a walking trail to check either they are hurting from any side or not. Also check its water proofed ability and that it needs any repair or not. Check the size of hiking boots before buying. Neither too lose not too tight boots are good. Your hiking boot should provide you comfort instead of pain or itching. If the boot is too tight or too lose then it will cause problem during hiking. Wear them at your house and have a short walk before going for hiking. This break in will give a good experience. Check every time before going for hikes that your hiking boots are in good condition or not.

  • When you are going for hiking wear out your shoes and lace them firmly to give a better fit to your feet. If they are not lace properly then it may disturb and there are chances of losing your balance.
  • When you are on multi days hiking trip then it is necessary to clean them daily and to take some precaution like not putting your shoes out of tent, and using several socks.
  • After returning from the trip, clean your shoes thoroughly. Remove all mud and dust. Also clean it from inside. Use brush for removing mud properly. If necessary wash it to remove stains of perspiration. And keep it for drying. Some hiking shoes need special precaution for cleaning so it’s better to use cleaning instruction provided by manufacturer.
  • After cleaning it store them at safer place away from dust. Keep it at the place that can be easily accessible at time of need as they are not used all around the year. Avoid storing it at humid places or in plastic bag.

If you follow these simple precautions then your hiking boots will last for longer and your investment will not go in waste. Also, your shoes will support you in good way at your hiking trips. So use your shoes properly to enjoy your hiking trips with no worries regarding your footwear.